How to

Algorithm for contacting a medical organization for a foreign patient

Stages of registration:

1. Submission of application

You send your contact details and briefly describe your problem in the form of feedback by e-mail or contact directly by the indicated phones:

+7 (347) 285-95-00 - Reception

+7 (347) 285-77-07 - Reception (single phone)

2. Counseling

As soon as possible, a specialist of the RCPC will contact you for additional information.

3. Sending documents

During the consultation, a specialist will tell you which medical documents should be sent to assess the patient’s health status and treatment prospects.

4. Preparation of a treatment program

The specialist coordinates the examination / treatment program, and also informs about the procedure for the provision and cost of medical services.

5. Registration and arrival

After drawing up the necessary entry documents, you arrive for treatment at the RCPC.